How to Update Profile Information on UPSers?

The addition, deletion, and updating of any feature or information on this platform is very easy and can be done quickly. The employees can use their information in this platform so that they can communicate with their HR or the administration very quickly. Before the introduction of this platform, keeping track of the data wasn’t easy and was a mammoth task for a multinational company.

The employees can modify their profile anytime they want. This article will be helpful for the UPS’s employees those who are facing problem with updating the profile information in this portal.

Change the password For Upsers: Steps

  • In My Settings, click on the Change Password option.
  • Give a new password and then again re-enter to confirm it.
  • Click on the Update option present there to save the new password in the UPS CampusShip profile.

These mentioned steps will update the user profile and the new password will be saved. This new password must be entered during the next information retrieval time.

Forgot the existing password?

  • On the first page, the Forgot User ID or Password link has to be selected.
  • Next, submit the User Id and the e-mail address to get a temporary password.
  • An e-mail message will be received along with a temporary password that will help to log in to UPS CampusShip.
  • Then it will prompt the employee to select a new password. Click on the Change Password and do as mentioned above.

Forgot the User ID?

  • Go to the login page and then select the Forgot User ID or Password link.
  • To get the User ID, put on the e-mail address, and submit it.
  • An e-mail Id will be received that will contain the Ups User ID.

Steps to edit the Upsers user Details:

  • The administration tab has to be selected.
  • Then, select Search Users in the Manage Users option.
  • The page that gets displayed allows searching for certain users using their name or User ID. Additionally, there is also an option to filter the search results to select up to five locations.
  • The page gets refreshed and the search results are displayed on the screen. For quitting the search, select the Cancel option.
  • Choose the desired user from the given results, and then select the View/Edit option.
  • The screen displays the summary page. Choose the Edit option in the section that you want to update. Then, edit the information in the user’s profile, the information can be phone number or the shipping location. The information that is being updated can also be related to the UPS CampusShip.
  • Enter appropriate and accurate data of the user in the box and then click on the Update option to save the changes. If there is a further requirement of filling in more fields then there will be a prompt that will inform about the fields that need to be filled or modified.
  • Click on the continue option after all the edits are completed.

Steps to delete a user in Upsers:

  • In the Administration tab, select the Search Users option. The page screened will allow to search any user by their name. It also provides several other options to filter the search.
  • The page then displays the search results. If it is required to quit the search then click on the Cancel option.
  • Choose the user that has to be deleted.
  • Click on the Delete option on the Delete Confirmation page to delete the user’s information.

To sum it up, these are the steps to update any information on this platform. The information can easily be added, deleted, or updated by following the above-mentioned steps. So, why wait? Quickly get online and edit information following these steps.

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