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Instagram – The World More Than Likes & Followers

We cannot ignore the fact that social media is one of the biggest elements. It plays an important role in one’s life. We get any kind of information, news, what’s trending, talk from any corner of the world at a very fast speed which is really helpful for us and making our life simpler. The youth is the future of the nation and they too are engaging in social media and their lives are being influenced by it. It has a far-reaching impact on youth as they are one who is the most active and using social networking sites.

Growing Social Media Controversy:

Most people feel that social media has destroyed human relations and at the same time, some feel that it has been helpful in building relationships. Facebook, Snapchat, and many more are some of the social networking apps and sites in which youths are engaged. There is a growing concern about the effect of social media on young people’s mental health and self-esteem. Today youngsters are just concerned about the likes on their account. Instead of clicking pictures for fun, they are making a big deal out of it. And this causes an extreme level of anxiety. Likes make them happier and also helps them in building confidence.

Accounts of Instagram likes:

Fundamentally this app is created for entertainment purposes by posting pictures and some videos. There are many people who like to become shooting stars in cinema but in reality, it will be challenging due to their circumstances. For those aspiring individuals the Instagram provides a platform to showcase their talent and intelligence. Those talents are encouraged by the people in form of ‘likes’ which gives them eternal happiness. This feature is like award, reward, and recognition for those desired people.

In another perspective, some of the social problems are getting addressed due to this ‘likes’. It has built the conceptual feature of likes. This feature shows the interest of the common people. Not only individuals the organization can showcase its products and the organization may come from any field. In short, an individual can become a star overnight using this feature.

Snag on Instagram likes:

Some people are becoming crazier for getting ‘likes’ for their posts on Instagram. Sometimes this ends with good things or ends with bad things. Few people are paying for getting ‘likes’ and using some shortcut way to achieve ‘likes’. There are some groups of people who make this ‘likes’ to business. Even there is a business behind some ‘likes’ on Instagram.

Everyone likes to be famous and this motive drives the people to use bandwagon to get more likes for their posts. Other than business the important matter on Instagram likes is the impact on mental health. People get depressed if they not get more likes on their posts. This starts with comparing them with other people. Such people are thinking that the number of likes is equal to the number their achievements they have done in their life which is not really true.

Importance of Instagram likes:

In today’s scenario likes and comments plays an important role. According to youngsters likes and comments reflect their personality, their peer group, their importance, their attitude, etc. But actually, are they playing an important role?

Definitely not, the picture which does not get much like doesn’t mean it’s not good in fact it’s much better than that which is getting more likes because people only want something controversial, something new and nothing but in real life is much bigger than this controversial talks which are just useless as a waste paper.

The youth is the future, they should engage themselves in something useless thing which will add something new in their lives and make their future bright. One should be what he/she is. Faking things will not help in anything instead it will hamper the growth of an individual. I am not denying the fact that these social sites are meant to have fun and it also lightens the mood but one needs to have control over the usage of these networks. One can use these sites but should not make that a habit, they can use it to refresh their mood, to take a break.

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