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Marsha Rozenblit

Dr. Marsha Rozenblit

Marsha L. Rozenblit (PhD, Columbia University) is a social historian of Jews in Central Europe. She is the author of The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914: Assimilation and Identity (1983) and Reconstructing a National Identity: The Jews of Habsburg Austria During World War I (2001). In addition, she has co-edited Constructing Nationalities in East Central Europe (2005) and published over 30 scholarly articles on such topics as Jewish religious reform in 19th-century Vienna, synagogue affiliation in 19th-century Baltimore, and Austrian Jewish women during World War I. She is currently completing work on Jews and Other Germans in Moravia, 1848-1938. She has served as the President of the Association for Jewish Studies (2009-2011), its Vice-President for Program (2006-2009), and as treasurer of the American Academy for Jewish Research, in which she is a fellow. Dr. Rozenblit has been at the University of Maryland since 1978, serving as the Director of the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies from 1998 to 2003 and currently as the Director of Graduate Studies of the History Department.

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