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Dr. Alexander Shonert


Born in Russia in 1972, Alexander Shonert is a Jewish violin virtuoso of extraordinary talent, known for his magical, brilliant rich tone, lively onstage personality and sensational improvisational ability.  Alexander is a graduate of the Novosibirsk Russian State Conservatoire. He has also obtained a doctorate degree at that same institution.
Shonert has received many accolades, he is a laureate of numerous prestigious international awards: Laureate of International Competition (Berlin), Laureate of World prize of Antonin Dvorak (Prague), Laureate of European prize of Gustav Mahler (Prague). Since 1999, Shonert has made the musical city of Prague his home. In recognition of his substantial contribution to Czech culture, the right of dual citizenship (Czech and Russian) was conferred upon him in 2010.

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