The Foundation Today

Traditionally much emphasis has been placed on educational opportunities for Jewish youth. Hebrew schools and programs preparing young men and women for their bar and bat mitzvahs abound. For some time, adult Jewish education was neglected in favor of a focus on schooling for Jewish youths.

When the Foundation for Jewish Studies began operating in 1983, it was one of the first programs devoted to extending Jewish education beyond the teenage years. In the mid 1980s, the Foundation’s mission filled a void in the community, providing open and free programming for adults. 

Today, you can find numerous synagogues offering educational programs for adults, but the Foundation for Jewish Studies is one of the few non-denominational and independent organizations that provides such learning opportunities. As such, we reach a sizeable demographic of individuals non-affiliated with any synagogue. The independence of the Foundation enhances our accessibility, enabling us to reach more secular audiences and others outside the Jewish faith.

The Foundation is also proud of the numerous partnerships we formed to extend our community outreach. In addition to the local synagogues and Jewish Community Centers the Foundation has partnered with over the last twenty years, the Foundation has also worked with University of Maryland, Catholic University, American University, Georgetown University, the German Embassy, the Goethe Institute, and many other non-Jewish organizations.

After over 25 years of operation, the Foundation’s programs remain innovative and highly regarded. Accessibility serves as a guiding principle as we seek to expose the widest number of people to our events and study sessions. Our drive to connect respected scholars and educators from across the globe to the local community underlies our programmatic initiatives and ensures the caliber of our learning opportunities stays unmatched.

“Jewish learning is the principle source of inspiration of the will to be Jewish, which empowers all Jewish causes and all of our institutions.”

Rabbi Joshua O. Haberman
Founder and Chairman


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