Secular Revolutions and Religious Counter-Revolutions: The Case of Zionism

Kol Shalom Congregation

Dates: Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Speaker: Professor Michael Walzer

In the years after World War Two, three secular, leftist national liberation movements, in Israel, India, and Algeria, succeeded in winning independence and establishing states. Then, approximately a quarter-century later, their states were challenged by radical religious movements. Three different countries, three different religions, but roughly the same timetable. What happened to national liberation? And especially, in the case of Israel, what happened to Jewish national liberation, in this pull between secular and religious interests?

Professor Michael Walzer, one of the country's most respected political theorists and a leading public intellectual for over five decades, is known for his intellectual accomplishments ranging from his editorship of the journal Dissent to his development of the theory of "Just and Unjust Wars". (This is also the title of one of his 27 books). He is now Professor Emeritus at the renowned Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

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